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Wright auction house merges with New Jersey brand

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A West Loop-based auction house and one based in New Jersey have merged their businesses to strengthen their reach and expand their pool of specialists.

Wright and Rago, located in Lambertville, New Jersey, will continue to operate under their respective names, but will now share technology, expertise and marketing efforts, according to a statement.

“Rago’s vast expertise in the art, jewelry, ceramics and fields and Wright’s focus on innovative design and presentation will be combined to better serve their clients and maintain a strong voice in the world of art and design, ”the statement read.

Wright specializes in 20th century art and design. Its headquarters in the West Loop houses the consignment offices, production team, creative staff and 7,000 square feet of auction house exhibition space. The company also has several specialists and organizes exhibitions in New York.

Together, Wright and Rago have 75 employees and more than $ 65 million in consolidated annual sales. Wright founder Richard Wright will be the CEO of the merged company.

“I welcome the opportunity to work with a larger team,” Wright said in the statement. “Our combined outlook, geographic reach and experience will add to the great work we are both doing now. “

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Adidas, MSU apologize for obscene phrase on Mississippi state baseball jersey

By Baseball jersey

STARKVILLE, MS (AP) – Mississippi State Athletics Director Scott Stricklin has apologized for an obscene phrase on one of the baseball team’s training jerseys.

The Bulldogs have new Adidas baseball training jerseys that say “Viva Starkvegas” on the front. The university is located in Starkville, which is sometimes jokingly referred to as Starkvegas. There are also little dots on the rest of the jerseys that spell out different phrases, one of which was an obscene phrase referring to her rival Ole Miss.

Stricklin sent a statement on Twitter Thursday saying the phrase was “totally unacceptable and does not reflect the standards and values ​​of Mississippi State University.”

Mississippi state spokesman Bill Martin said the school did not approve the design until it was released.

Michael Erhlich, the director of public relations for Adidas in the United States, issued a statement apologizing for the jerseys and said it was the company’s mistake.

“Today’s Bulldogs base layer graphic featured old artwork that had never been shown in college,” Erhlich said in an email response. “This graphic does not reflect our brand values ​​or those of Mississippi State. We take full responsibility for this error and wish Mississippi State the best of luck during Super Bulldog Weekend.”

The Bulldogs host Florida in a three-game series this weekend at Dudy Noble Field.

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Elizabeth’s Torna A Sorrento Ristorante: No gimmicks, just an authentic jersey

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The fried calamari of Elizabeth’s classic Torna A Sorrento.

(John O’Boyle / The Star-Ledger)

Torna A Sorrento is a sturdy and practical brick structure on a corner lot. It’s easy to miss it while driving, and it doesn’t bother to offer a customer testimonial website or a Twitter feed for selfies. The walls of the tiny foyer are decorated with a random, childish collage of satin and polished seashells, and the hostess station is accented with a postcard poster – Elizabeth of yesteryear.

The waiters wear tuxedos and the Coca-Cola is served in a small cocktail glass with a stick. This group of five next to you debate the merits of the police academy training, and the celebrants who took up half of the dining hall include a young man in a ponytail and an older woman wearing a swimsuit. personalized sportswear. It is clear that this restaurant is a hometown favorite.

It is also clear, once your food arrives, why it is so. You expect decent, robust food from the Italian-American favorites menu.

But you are surprised. The food is better than decent, and the dishes, rather than robust and blunt, are light, clean, and balanced, with premium ingredients and a restrained cooking intelligence.

A large plate of squid ($ 12), for example, features rings and tentacles (and you know that’s how it’s always been, that tentacles aren’t a recent nod to the trend. ). They are fried in a light, almost blond-white tempura, and served with a sweet homemade marinara.

These sweet tomatoes reappear in pomodoro fettuccine ($ 13.95), again a dish that surprises with its balance. It’s rich, sweet and smoky, thanks to the onions and pancetta, but nothing beats the other, nor does the sauce overwhelm the noodles. A special evening of Francese veal and chicken ($ 18.95) continues the theme. It is a simple preparation but it easily goes awry; here, the butter and lemon and the breadcrumbs blend well. The salmon ($ 22.50), an evening special, was a chunky, pale nuptial pink, its sweetness cleverly offset by a delicate combination of garlic and herbs.

Tiramisu ($ 6) is perhaps the most vigorous tiramisu we’ve had, no tasteless structure collapsing on itself, no mess of soup. This one delivers a rich creme and a brilliantly strong coffee flavor. The cheesecake ($ 5) is also a daring dessert, a big chunk that manages to combine the best of a lemon ricotta recipe with the strength of a New York cheesecake.

Sorrento’s, like so many in New Jersey, is no gimmick. It’s one of our practical, competitive and authentic spaces – and we’re lucky to have it.


Torna A Sorrento Ristorante
54 Westfield Avenue, Elizabeth, (908) 351-4060.
Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays, from 4 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Sundays, from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.



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