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Brick Fest Live is coming to Edison, New Jersey

We all grew up playing with these plastic bricks and yes, it can become a hobby for many. Building our own creation with Legos is something that millions of people enjoy doing all over the world and now we have a Lego Fest comes here in the Garden State.

Brick Party LIVE is coming to central Jersey this month and you and your family can visit and even be part of the story. Brick Fest Live is coming to the New Jersey Convention & Exposition Center at Edison on April 23-24. According to an article by Only in your stateThe two-day event will offer something for attendees of all ages, including show stages, amazing builders, vendors and plenty of interactive attractions. Amelie Mourichon Amelie Mourichon

While you’re at the Lego exhibition, you can be part of history, people can participate in their “Guinness World Record-setting Brick Mosaic”, it’s cool to say you’ve been a part of a world record!

The Lego event takes place Saturday, April 23 and Sunday, April 24 at the New Jersey Convention & Exposition Center in Edison. Fun for the whole family and we hope you get the chance to head around and see this Lego enthusiast’s dream come true. Kelly Sikkema Kelly Sikkema

What was the best Lego creation you’ve ever built? Share your Lego creations below and if you have any Lego photos be sure to send them, we always love to share 🙂

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