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Buckhead Shore Trailer Teases Love Triangles About Jersey Shore Spinoff

MTV releases the official trailer for their latest Jersey Shore spin-off, Buckhead Shore, featuring relationship drama and parties.

MTV expands its collection of jerseyshore spin-offs and the trailer for its latest series, Buckhead Shore, assures fans they’re in for a wild party and hookup drama. The network announced the reality series in May with an all-new cast of 20+. JuJu Barney, Katie Canham, Savannah Gabriel, Adamo Giraldo, Parker Lipman, Bethania Locke, Pat Muresan, Chelsea Prescott and DJ Simmons will all appear on the show. The show comes five years later Floribama Shore and 13 years after the original jerseyshore created. jerseyshore became a huge hit and a pop culture phenomenon, eventually spawning the spin-off Jersey Shore: Family Vacation in 2018.


Recently, the Floribama Shore The cast reacted to the news of the new show by asking MTV why they didn’t give them or their fans any news about their own show. The cast retweeted and responded to fans who also wanted answers while pushing MTV to tell them the fate of the reality series. Castmate Candace Rice also released a statement saying that if the show returns, fans should expect to see a very different side of her. The star recently gave birth to a baby boy. Unfortunately, he had to stay in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU) until he was ready to go home. The experience has changed her, and if Floribama Shore returns, she wants to be more authentic in front of the cameras.

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As Buckhead Shore gearing up to premiere on June 23, MTV Reality has released an official trailer to give fans a preview of what’s to come in the series. Like the shows that came before it, the cast members apparently spend most of their time drinking and partying as well as relationship drama. In one scene, DJ Simmons opens a bottle and JuJu asks, “What are we celebrating?” to which Parker responds, “Thursday.The trailer also features the cast playing beer pong, popping bottles on a plane, and hitting the club.

However, drinking and partying are not everything Buckhead Shore reserved for fans. The trailer also teases a relationship drama, similar to jerseyshoreby Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, with Parker becoming romantically involved with more than one woman in the house. It looks like Parker is falling for Katie and Savannah as Katie asks in the trailer,”Stop telling two girls you’re in love with them.“Parker defends himself by saying, “I just got caught up,“before DJ Simmons corrected it with it,”You got caught.The trailer also reveals that Adamo is gay but has yet to come out to his housemates.

Buckhead Shore already has a lot to offer fans. If they like the series like they liked the series that preceded it, it will definitely be a huge hit. Along with all the fun and drama, there will likely be some heartwarming moments between the roommates as well. Hopefully the new series can live up to the success of jerseyshore and Floribama Shore.

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Buckhead Shore premieres June 23 at 9 p.m. on MTV.

Source: MTV Reality/YouTube

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