Baseball jersey

Congressman Raul Ruiz wears Cathedral City baseball jersey during congressional baseball game

Congressman Raul Ruiz participates in the Congressional Baseball Game for Charity, which has been held since 1909.

“You know baseball kept me out of trouble as a young boy and really gave me a lot of life lessons. It’s so surreal that a Coachella kid who first grew up in a park à roulottes represents our district here in our great country.

Congressman Ruiz wears a Cathedral City High School baseball jersey, highlighting the valley during the game at Nationals Park where the Washington Nationals play.

“For me, it’s a source of pride to be able to wear a jersey from a local high school.”

Sporting director Travis Smith agrees this gives the city of Cathedral City a sense of pride.

“It’s exciting, you know, it’s anytime we can broadcast our logo to the whole world and our exciting colors to see this on national television, fun for everyone here in the valley to notice it. “

This annual event benefits various youth programs in Washington DC and provides an opportunity for fellowship and bipartisan entertainment.

It’s so much fun to go out and play ball with the Democrats and Republicans for a moment of unity, to break that partisanship. “

Our representative is also a baseball player, he was selected to hit first base and start at second!

“You know they just hit me a few balls on the ground and in the plate saw what I can do and said ‘you start second base and our leading hitter. “

Like any athlete, Congressman Ruiz has his own pre-game ritual.

“I do a lot of visualization. I visualize myself hitting the ball, I visualize the fielders fielding, I tried to take a little power nap beforehand, I eat a power bar, I go out and I enter the zone and I listen to the good music. Do you know this song from Eight Mile by Eminem? That one yeah! “

It was the most entertaining amateur baseball game ever, these members of Congress were both terrible and amazing in baseball. In each round, Democrats and Republicans took turns to take the lead. In the end, it was the Republicans who retained the lead, 13-12.

Rep Raul Ruiz did a decent job on second base, with a great catch and he was HBP and stole a base, a certified BASE-BALLER challenge!

Florida Rep. Greg Steube became the first congressional baseball player in over 40 years to hit a home run over the fence, 336 feet above Nationals Park. Steube also threw 120 shots for the Republicans.