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Connecticut and New Jersey announce tractor-trailer travel bans

Officials in Connecticut and New Jersey are preparing for a major weekend winter storm by banning truck travel on major roads.

At a press conference on Friday, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont said that beginning at 6 a.m. Saturday, a tractor travel ban would be in place due to a major northeast dubbed ” Winter Storm Bobby” which is expected to hit the New England coast Friday night and through Saturday.

“As of 6 a.m. tomorrow morning, no more semi-trailers on the roads, period. Get them off the road. It’s going to be true in Connecticut, it’s true for our neighboring states, we’re coordinating with them as well,” Lamont said.

New Jersey officials also announced that a ban on truck travel will go into effect Friday evening. See below for details.

The commercial vehicle travel restriction will begin at 5 p.m. today, Friday, January 28 and will be in place until further notice for the following highways in both directions:

  • I-76, full length from the Walt Whitman Bridge (Pennsylvania border) to Route 42
  • I-78, full length from Pennsylvania border to I-95 (New Jersey Turnpike)
  • I-80, full length from Pennsylvania border to I-95 (New Jersey Turnpike)
  • I-195, full length of I-295 to NJ Route 138
  • I-280, full length of I-80 to I-95 (New Jersey Turnpike)
  • I-287, the entire length of NJ Route 440 at the New York State border
  • I-295, full length from Delaware Memorial Bridge to Scudders Falls Bridge (Pennsylvaniaborder)
  • I-676, Ben Franklin Bridge (Pennsylvania border) to I-76
  • NJ Route 440, from Outerbridge Crossing to I-287

The commercial vehicle movement restriction applies:

  • All semi-trailers (exceptions listed in the administrative order)
  • CDL Weighted Empty Straight Carts
  • Passenger vehicles towing trailers
  • Recreational vehicles
  • motorcycles

This restriction does not apply:

  • The New Jersey Turnpike
  • The Garden State Walk
  • The Atlantic City Freeway

New Jersey officials are also asking truckers who are already in the state when travel restrictions go into effect to pull over at truck stops and refrain from parking on the shoulder of the roadway.

Other states are expected to announce truck travel restrictions on Friday.