When it comes to finance, many people feel lost and unsure what to do. Especially when you lose control of your budget. Those who can control their own financial situation feel safe and quiet, at less risk of debt. In this article we will give 4 financial tips for you to follow in 2020. Good read!

Organize your spending

Organize your spending

Debt has a huge effect on our lives, disrupting our work performance and creating a stressful environment in our personal lives. And most of the time the reason for debt is because many do not know how to spend and organize financial life.

Educating yourself financially requires balance and planning. Take into account what your fixed monthly expenses are and how much they cost. Know what your obligations are before you decide to spend your salary on leisure or on acquiring any unneeded good.

A good way to orient yourself is to prepare a payroll spreadsheet to track your basic obligations. On the internet you can find template spreadsheets that support the management and control of expenses.

Use your earnings to pay off 13 commitments

Before thinking about buying gifts or spending your 13 salary with extra expenses, make an inventory of your debts and loans.

Check with your bank or lender for your outstanding balance and renegotiate the amount of your debt so you can settle your backlog according to your ability to afford the monthly payment.

Do not forget to apply for a good discount in case of full loan settlement.

Between 2020 lighter and with fewer monthly appointments.

Take a financial education course

Take a financial education course

More and more finance lectures and courses are held at corporate events. Organizations that have already adopted this practice already feel improvements in reducing absences and quality of life of their professionals.

It suggests to your HR that your company hold lectures or financial education and awareness courses so that this problem does not take over the organization and affect productivity as a whole.

There are excellent financial advisors on the market today who lecture organizations to guide professionals to better manage their personal finances, balancing gains and costs.

These workshops help people look at the problem head on and guide in creating financial strategies for debt settlement and organization.

Learn how to get lower cost credit

Learn how to get lower cost credit

For anyone living on salary, it is often not possible to save money to renovate a home, or make the dream trip. For this there are, in the market, credit options that can be contracted.

In this case it is important that you be aware of interest rates.

Be sure to look at your budget and check what level of debt will not compromise your basic expenses. Compare the various credit options and see which one is best for you.

Private Payroll is a product that provides access to credit at much lower rates for employees of private companies that need to pay off their debts; or make a home renovation; or need credit to complete a project or trip.