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Here’s why Ben Simmons is changing his jersey number with the Brooklyn Nets

Ben Simmons, the newest member of the Brooklyn Nets has announced the jersey number he will wear as the Net. During his short career as a Sixer, he wore number 25. Now, as a Net, he will wear number 10 and has coined a new nickname for himself.

Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers were a wild relationship. The No. 1 pick who never played his rookie season. In his second season, he won Rookie of the Year. In his third season, he led the league in steals and made his first All-NBA team. And that was it, it was his heyday in Philadelphia.

In his 4th season, his averages and confidence plummeted. He became passive and was afraid to score. Either way, Simmons was afraid to take a 3 like his life depended on it. And in the 2020-21 NBA playoffs, we saw a Ben Simmons scared to win.

All blame for the loss fell on him and he was sent to the Nets. He wanted a change of scenery and fully cement that by changing his jersey number. He is no longer Ben 25 from Philadelphia. But he is now Ben 10. Simmons changed his jersey number from 25 to 10.

Why did Ben Simmons drop from 25 to 10?

Besides the fact that this is a brand new start for Ben Simmons, there is another reason for Ben to change. Bill Melchionni played for the New York Nets in the early 70s. In his day he was a 3-time all-star and a 2-time ABA champion. And he was number 25.

The Nets paid tribute to him by retiring his jersey. Which means he wasn’t available to him in the first place. Ben’s next step was to pick a number that helped his mark. And what better brand than the famous cartoon Ben-10.

Moreover, in the sports world in general, the number 10 is extremely sought after. Like Lionel Messi for Barcelona or Kobe Bryant for the USA team. Is this the level of impact Ben Simmons will have on the Nets? At least that’s what the Nets and their fans hope.