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Islanders continue to pay homage to a ‘true force of nature’

The ISLANDERS paid tribute to Constable Sadie Le Sueur-Rennard, who died on Friday.

Mrs. Le Sueur-Rennard fell ill in the morning and her death was declared by the bailiff Timothée Le Cocq in the afternoon.

She was elected St Savior Constable in 2011 before being elected unopposed in 2014 and 2018.

A spokesperson for St Savior parish said: ‘Sadie has always had a strong passion for the arts, the environment and her beloved farm. Parishioners will remember Sadie for her hard work to introduce recycling to Saint-Sauveur and more recently for successful changes to the island plan to further restrict development in the parish.

“As a school governor, she was also committed to improving school conditions for children, worked with the infrastructure department to provide safer routes to schools, and supported the Battle of Flowers in St. Saviour. She will be remembered as a true member of the people who was always there for her parishioners.

Constable, who was a member of the Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Review Committee, is perhaps best known for her Liberation Day renditions of Beautiful Jersey, which have become a tradition of celebrations.

Ms Le Sueur-Rennard said in October that she planned to step down in June, explaining that she felt that, at 76, she no longer wanted to deal with a Council of Ministers which she criticized for not listening to the general Public.

St Savior’s deputy Jess Perchard said the parish had ‘lost its mother’.

She added: “I have known Sadie for over 20 years. When I was a child, we performed together at the Opera as mother and daughter on stage. She was a force of nature, firm but incredibly protective. towards his “children of the scene” and that set the tone for our relationship in politics.

“She was a pillar of Jersey life, always putting her parishioners at the center of her political thinking. She cared deeply for St Savior, her Jersey heritage and stood up for the vulnerable, especially the elderly, throughout her public service.

“Always ready to challenge injustice and fiercely protect her beloved island, Sadie has never been shy about making her voice heard. It’s a trait that has been a huge source of strength and inspiration to others. and who I know is appreciated by her colleagues. She will be greatly missed and remembered fondly.

Member states took to social media to pay tribute to Ms Le Sueur-Rennard.

Deputy Chief Minister Lyndon Farnham wrote: ‘So shocked and saddened to learn of the sudden passing of the Constable of Saint-Sauveur. Sadie was one of Jersey’s great characters, a true force of nature, outspoken yet kind, compassionate and talented. She will be greatly missed. RIP Sadie.’

Senator Sam Mézec added: This is absolutely shocking and so sad. Sadie was one of the most colorful characters I’ve ever met and I just can’t imagine the United States without her. My thoughts go out to her family and frankly to the whole island, who will miss her very much.

Senator Ian Gorst said: ‘I am shocked and deeply saddened by the news of Sadie Rennard’s passing.

“Sadie has always been so warm, friendly and kind. She was so proud of our island and its traditions and always defended St Sauveur.

“I know she will be dearly missed by a lot of people, just like me. RIP Sadie.”