Pensions are often very low and some retired people may have trouble getting along with money. While they have the opportunity to earn money, they do need a loan. But seniors are not suitable candidates for banks. Fortunately, there is another option, which is a loan for pensioners. The offer of non-bank loans for the elderly is not as varied as for younger people, but there are several products.


Non-bank loans for pensioners


Non-bank loans for pensioners are intended for seniors over 65 years . These people represent a certain risky clientele for the banking and non-banking sectors. Banks lend to the elderly very rarely and under relatively strict conditions. The non-banking sector is much more open. But here too, certain rules need to be met. In order to obtain a loan, seniors must comply with these conditions

  • Present valid identity documents
  • The age should not be higher than 66 years (except for short-term loans)
  • Phone, own bank account
  • Repaid all loans


Once these criteria are met, the applicant must complete the online form in which he / she chooses the loan amount and the repayment period. Usually, for a loan up to CZK 10,000, you only need to present your ID card.


Seniors loan immediately


Seniors can get into the same unpleasant financial situation as anyone else. This is even very likely in their case, because pensions still do not fully match the cost of living at present. Loans for seniors can be settled online at this address . Today, most older people can control a computer, their own mobile phone and bank account. As a result, nothing prevents them from applying for an online loan quickly and easily. Again, it is necessary to think well about the amount of the loan. As this is a short-term loan, it needs to be repaid as soon as possible. Reasonable lending rules also apply to older people. However, they are already so hardened by life that they can calculate everything better and often they are very solid clientele.