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Max Cash ™ Title Loans Analyzes the Challenges of the COVID-19 Effect on the Securities Lending Industry

TEMPE, Arizona., April 28, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Title Deed Lenders United States currently suffer a decline of 69% and up to 90% in other parts of the country. Pawn shops are experiencing unprecedented growth as Americans attempt to sell property for cash.

Due to this car title loan, lenders have adapted to everything online, but you will still have to use your cell phone to take pictures. Online title lending is here to stay. “Lenders are changing to help people comply with stay-at-home orders and avoid contact,” said Fred winchar, president of Bolt Loans and A maximum of money securities lending. “Securities lenders go out of their way to lend money, but they have challenges they’ve never seen before.”

Typically, securities loan lenders generate income from individuals who make payments on their loan, as well as occasionally by repossessing vehicles from deferred loans. However, most lenders prefer to derive the majority of their income through payments, as the repossession of the vehicle comes with other extended expenses such as storage, security or disposal of the vehicle, if applicable. . Also seeking to avoid reputational damage, most title lenders are more reluctant than ever to repossess vehicles.

People who can usually turn to title loans as a short-term financial emergency solution can no longer receive approval because they no longer have valid proof of income. Since the ability to repay the loan is a documented requirement for title loan approval, the spike in unemployed Americans has made it difficult for the title lending industry to accept loan applicants at its regular rate. Property title lenders want to lend. This is what they do. They are not in the business of giving money away without it coming back at some point.

Along with approval rates, loan amounts financed have also declined significantly for the securities lending industry. According to Fred winchar, President of Max Cash ™ Title Loans, “The average loan amount is now around $ 900, whereas before the average was around $ 3,500. “The current combination of low approval rates and low amounts funded has created a cash flow problem for many title lenders, leaving them with limited income to give back to the public through additional loans. While some are small. companies have closed their doors for good, many more are struggling to find qualified customers and stay afloat financially.

In response to this economic downturn in the industry, securities lenders still in business have had to find ways to adapt. Since lenders must Something rather than nothing to stay in business, small loans have become essential to sustaining the securities lending industry during this time. Some lenders also give “micro-loans”, which are as low as $ 100 and make the process all online. Other lenders have started working with banks to create a new loan product where the funding is held by the bank rather than backed by the securities lender that handles the loan.

Other auto title loan lenders have attempted to alleviate the problem by implementing a process in which the monthly payment decreases due to a continuously falling interest rate. Some of these types of loans have the ability to drop to some of the lowest interest rates the securities lending industry has ever seen. In addition, some auto securities lenders only approve applicants who are extremely low risk, which is not the typical customer base typically served by the securities lending industry. These low risk, limited candidates now have the opportunity to profit from falling interest rates and potentially benefit from industry woes.

The securities lending industry recently adopted procedures to make doing business as secure as possible, such as online applications, processing and payments, lenders are collectively struggling to remain financially stable in these unprecedented times.

As always, Max Cash ™ Title Loans encourages you, your friends, and family to stay safe and healthy by complying with the CDC’s recommendations to stay home and practice social distancing.

Stay Secure, With Your Family of Max Cash ™ Securities Lending,

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