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New Jersey Cannabis Trade Association Statement on Today’s Historic Event – The Opening of the Adult Cannabis Market

New Jersey Cannabis Trade Association Statement on Today’s Historic Event – The Opening of the Adult Cannabis Market

Trenton, NJ (April 21, 2022) The New Jersey Cannabis Trade Association (NJCTA) enthusiastically expresses its gratitude to Governor Phil Murphy and the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) for officially opening the recreational cannabis market in New Jersey today.

This historic day was long in coming. The decriminalization and legalization of cannabis, while striving to establish the foundations of an adult recreational market, is a very complex process, and the NJCTA applauds those who have been instrumental in achieving today’s today.

New Jersey voters, who have overwhelmingly expressed their support for the purchase of legal cannabis in the state, now have the opportunity to purchase safe and regulated cannabis for adult use in a secure and trusted forum. Additionally, communities that have been impacted by the war on drugs will finally realize the monetary benefits that the adult consumption market will generate, as taxes on legal cannabis sales will be dedicated to supporting social equity goals throughout the state.

In due time, all New Jerseyans will realize the tax advantages of this fledgling industry. Predicted to become one of the largest cash crops on the East Coast, the adult use market will drive our economy with sales expected to exceed $2 billion in just a few years.

The NJCTA plans to continue working with Governor Murphy and the CRC to ensure New Jersey’s adult market reaches its full potential and remains true to its original mission of continuing to serve New Jersey’s medical marijuana program patients. Jersey.

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About the Cannabis Trade Association of New Jersey

The New Jersey Cannabis Trade Association (NJCTA) is the only association comprised entirely of licensed cannabis operators, representing 11 of the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program’s Alternative Treatment Centers (ATCs), with six of our members among those who have opened up New Jersey’s recreational cannabis market. the first day of 2022. Our mission is to create a legal cannabis market that works for everyone by fostering an industry that is not only safe, accessible and affordable, but also fair and just. Formed in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and given the seriousness of the situation facing the growing population of medical marijuana patients in New Jersey, the NJCTA was created to provide a voice unified and simplified to cannabis operators licensed in the State of New Jersey in interactions with New Jersey. Department of Health (DOH).

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