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New Jersey Company Creates the Equipment Police Officers Need in Increasingly Dangerous Situations

Recent mass shootings across the country have New Jersey police departments re-examining the procedures and equipment needed at all times.

Some of this new equipment was produced in the Garden State.

The Jersey Tactical company has been around for about 15 years. It has scrambled in recent weeks to meet the new demand.

One of the products produced by the company is called the “Jersey Claw”. It is a device weighing less than 10 pounds, designed to force open doors.

It is primarily used for patrollers – those who are likely to be first on the scene of a mass shooting. These patrol boats were increasingly forced into the SWAT role.

“What we did, we built a system that we could put on patrol so they could be successful with the majority of gates, with very little training,” says John Dapkins of Jersey Tactical.

Jersey Tactical prides itself on saving lives. They say their phone has been ringing for weeks from police departments across the country looking for equipment. They say calls previously were mostly for routine policing.

“The fire, the emotionally disturbed person, the suicidal person, the drug overdose, the heart attack,” says Dapkins.

But after recent mass shootings in Buffalo, Tulsa and Uvalde, the business may be changing.

Dapkins and his business partner Nick Klementowicz are former law enforcement officers who served on the same SWAT team. They continued to focus on others in their second career.

“You need a reason to get out of bed when you’re retired. You need a reason to get out of the couch. Saving lives, every time we get a letter, we get a text or a email that someone’s life was saved is worth it,” Klementowicz said.

The couple invented all the equipment they sell. Later this month, they will demonstrate it for the state police union.