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New Jersey punter turns $ 25 into $ 237,000 with 25-legged college basketball game

Kevin LaRose knows the long term odds on parlays, but he continues to beat. As college basketball season approaches, LaRose sits at his computer for an hour or two and goes over what he wants to do, mixing up spreads and moneylines over up to 25 insane games.

“This is where I have the most fun,” said the 64-year-old from New Jersey.

Unlike most, LaRose says he is well in the dark in his college basketball games thanks to a few hits he said he had at bookies before gambling was legalized in the state.

“I don’t throw a ton of money at them, but every once in a while I hit big,” LaRose said, recalling the time he won $ 100,000. “To his credit the guy paid me and then said I was done.”

LaRose caught the nation’s attention when, on December 11, his 25-legged college basketball game became the 112th 25-legged game in Caesars Sportsbook history. His $ 25 bet paid off $ 237,553.11.

The previous record for a 25-leg parlay to reach? $ 3,400.

Why? Because LaRose, unlike most, didn’t just have huge favorite cash lines.

Here are the 25 bets that led him to six-figure glory:

Game Chances
UCLA vs. Marquette -300
Missouri State vs. Oral Roberts -400
Utah above Manhattan -1700
Wichita State vs. Norfolk State -1700
UIC over central Michigan -250
Richmond on Toledo -475
UNC on Elon -2800
SLU on Boston College -350
Butler on EIU -2800
LSU on GT -360
UTA on Lamar -340
Wake up to SCUP -4500
State of Illinois over State of Chicago -475
Memphis vs. Houston -340
LAKE over Orlando -360
USU on SNO -20 (-110)
Minnesota vs. Michigan +13.5 (-110)
Tennessee vs. UNCG -21 (-110)
Arizona over Illinois -2.5 (-110)
SMC on UCSB -9 (-110)
UNLV on Hartford -10.5 (-110)
Pepperdine on ALST -14.5 (-110)
Kansas over Missouri -23 (-110)
UTSA vs. SHSU +6.5 (-110)
Wyoming on UVU -8 (-110)

LaRose throws money on bets so often that he doesn’t really care until he’s really close. After returning from the bar that night, LaRose’s wife Ann Marie hooked up her computer to the TV and they watched score updates for her last game: Wyoming (-8) vs. Utah Valley.

A run early in the second half got the Cowboys 49-46 with 9 minutes and 43 seconds left, and LaRose braced for a brutal loss. But a 17-3 run in Wyoming over the next six minutes gave him some breathing space and a possible 12-point win to give him the 25-of-25 parlay.

“I had to get up early in the morning, but my wife and I opened a nice bottle of Italian wine and stayed up together until 4 am,” said LaRose, who owns a small construction company.

He says he will use the money to pay off some debts, keep some of it in his Caesars account, and buy the Oculus for all of his nephews.

LaRose said, “I might be 64, but I’m a kid at heart. I buy one for myself too.

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