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New Jersey’s oldest beer is one of the oldest in America

The story is amazing, I love anything that has a story attached to it. If you have “the story”, you have a story. Whether it’s being married for over 30 years, working in a profession for over 30 years, or having children approaching their 30s, it’s all history, so there is a story.

This story is about the history of beer. Yes, a beer that was originally brewed here in the Garden State is among the 30 oldest beers in America. Yeungling was the first beer brewed in America in Pennsylvania in 1829. Still around today.

As for the oldest here in New Jersey? Well, that honor goes to Ballantine Indian Pale Ale. Ballantine IPA was first brewed in Newark, New Jersey in 1878. Forty-nine years after Yeungling first appeared in America. According to a story of 247 Wall StreetPabst Brewing Company, which owns many iconic beer brands, purchased Ballantine in 1985. After several years of dormancy, Pabst took steps in 2014 to resurrect the beer in an effort to appeal to the growing number of beer drinkers who opt for India Pale Ales.

So now you know that the oldest “Jersey” beer is the Ballantine Indian Pale Ale.

Others that made the Top 5 Oldest American Beers included

  1. Yeungling (1829)
  2. Schaefer (1842)
  3. Pabst Blue Ribbon (1844)
  4. Blatz (1846)
  5. Old Milwaukee (1849)

Personally, I drank all but one of the five oldest beers before I retired lol. The one I didn’t drink is the Blatz, which is a Wisconsin beer. In my college days Old Milwaukee was making a comeback, I’m not sure my stomach ever recovered lol. It wasn’t totally bad but not my favorite. Wait, that was pretty good.

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