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“Ten Crucial Days” is the first in a planned series of statewide GPS-triggered sightseeing tours aimed at boosting heritage tourism before the 250e United States birthday in 2026.

Trenton, New Jersey – Visitors and New Jersey residents can now use their smartphones to enjoy narrated journeys in the footsteps of George Washington as the Crossroads of the American Revolution National Heritage Area presents its Crucial Ten Days audio tour. Travelers will follow the route of the key events that turned the tide of the War of Independence to the very places they happened, starting at the Christmas Eve launch point in Washington, crossing the Delaware River in 1776 until the victories of the Continental Army at Trenton and Princeton. You will hear these events unfold through the experiences of the people who were there, in their own words.

The Ten Crucial Days Tour is the first in a planned network of sightseeing tours spanning the state to help people connect to New Jersey’s rich revolutionary-era heritage, on the road or at home. Download a tour to your smartphone at, and as you drive, the built-in GPS coordinates will activate brief audio stories of people, places and events that connect users to the rich heritage of New Jersey’s revolutionary era. Integrated audio guidance provides step-by-step instructions to keep travelers on the way for a safe, hands-free experience.

“The Ten Crucial Days audio tour actually immerses you in events that were a real turning point in the American Revolution. You hear about the challenges facing the soldiers and the local population in a way that makes you think of the connection between those events and our lives today. And you might learn a few new things about the famous crossing to boot, ”said Crossroads administrator Patrick Murray, leader of the multidisciplinary team that created and produced the tour.

“Thanks to the historians, musicians and historical performers who lent their talents to the project, these stories can be heard in context, at a traveller’s convenience whenever they want to hit the road,” said Murray. “While people are drawn to these compelling stories, we anticipate that Crossroads audio tours will stimulate their interest in returning to historic sites along the route and across the state to learn more. “

This tour and subsequent tours in the Crossroads audio tour series will feature stories about the impact of the War of Independence on New Jersey residents from all walks of life and the difficult choices they made during the conflict. With tales of blacks, enslaved and free women and children, heritage travelers will discover a deeper and more nuanced understanding of life in a New Jersey that was at the center of conflict.

“Travelers are constantly on the lookout for new experiences and new destinations, and Crossroads audio tours offer a new way to explore New Jersey’s vast revolutionary heritage safely and at their own pace,” said Jeffrey Vasser, Director Executive of the New Jersey Travel and Tourism Division. “As travelers are guided along the trails, they will also have the option of stopping at other points of interest, having a meal or shopping, and then returning to their vehicle. to find out the rest of the story. ”

Crossroads’ audio tour application technology partner is TravelStorysGPS, a software as a service company that has produced over 200 audio tours in 36 states and three countries.

Funding for the Ten Crucial Days audio tour was provided by the National Park Service, the George A Ohl Jr Trust, the FM Kirby Foundation and the Friends of Washington Crossing Park (PA).

About American Revolutionary Crossroads

Crossroads of the American Revolution Association is a non-profit organization that manages the Crossroads of the American Revolution National Heritage Area (NHA). The NHA was established by the United States Congress in 2006 to connect the people and places of New Jersey’s rich revolutionary heritage to inspire community pride, stewardship, and civic engagement. One of 55 NHAs nationwide and the only one in New Jersey, Crossroads works with state, local and national partners to promote and enhance the state’s revolutionary era historic sites and landscapes. Crossroads Association is also the nonprofit partner working with the New Jersey Historical Commission on Revolution NJ, New Jersey’s commemoration of the 250e United States anniversary. For more information, visit

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