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RHONJ: Dolores’ new man Paul Connell brings the Irish to New Jersey

Since we were introduced RHONJ fan favorite Dolores Catania, we’ve seen her go through difficulties with her relationships, including ex-boyfriend David and fans have been hoping for a while that she’d find a new man – and she has !

The reality TV star recently broke up with her longtime boyfriend David, but that hasn’t stopped her from coming forward and finding someone new. Dolores is dating Paul Connell and audiences couldn’t be happier as she seems to be much loved by her new Irish boyfriend.

reality titbit dug in and has all the details on her new flame Paul, so keep reading to learn more about Cantania’s new bae.

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Dolores Catania. Photo: Dolores Catania just wants a finished house | RHONJ (S12 E1) Highlight | well done

Meet Paul Connell

Paul Connell is a proud 40-year-old Irish New Yorker originally from Ireland but living in the Big Apple. According to his LinkedIn profile, Paul is a successful businessman and owns his own business.

The entrepreneur is the CEO and owner of Green Electrical Services LLC which is a highly recognized New York-based Tier 1 high-end electrical contracting company.

Paul was raised in Ireland and appears to be well educated and cultured. He went to university in Ireland at St Martin’s in Tallaght, known for its maths and Irish language experts.

Paul comes across as a hardworking man and often posts inspirational and motivational quotes on his Instagram emphasizing the importance of a hard work ethic.

Paul’s Instagram tells us he’s a typical mama’s boy

Paul already has an impressive 13,000 followers on Instagram and that has grown from 7,000 in just one week, due to RHONJ fans who want to know more about the Irishman.

From his messages, we can see that the businessman is extremely close to his mother – a good sign for Dolores! – based on the number of times he shows it to his followers. Their relationship is adorable and his 85-year-old mother often travels to New York to visit her son. Paul recently posted a photo when his mother flew over, which read:

85 years old. Jump on a plane that flies from Ireland to America, Up at dawn, the last in bed, never tired, never in a bad mood and always looking on the bright side of everything, walking around the city enjoying all. With each trip, I learn something new about its past and present, but above all I fall more and more in love, mother bear.

Paul Connell, Instagram

Dolores also seems to get along well with her mum and has been to Ireland before to experience her culture and hometown – we’re not crying, you are!

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Dolores seems happier than ever

Although she’s always honest and upfront about her love life, Dolores hasn’t had the best luck in the past when it comes to men.

RHONJ fans adore her ex-husband Frank and have been hoping the couple will reconcile for a while now, but after Frank cheated on him while she was pregnant with their son, it’s been hard for her to trust him again, But the couple remain very good friends.

Aside from Frank, his most recent relationship with David Principe hasn’t worked out as his commitment was mostly to his job and not Dolores.

Fans are over the moon for the reality star as she now seems to have found someone with the commitment and connection she was looking for and her adorable Valentine’s Day message said it all:

#love #wins #always #valentines #day Oh, looks like he’s found “true love” together, it’s always better. Stay tuned ……….

Dolores Catania, Instagram

We can’t wait to see more budding couples in future episodes of RHONJstay tuned to keep up to date.



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