Authentic jersey

Shining through the trenches: Judah on Juneteenth and his jersey design

Judah took his authentic self and started injecting it into his art. You can see it on his website and Instagram and in his music and streetwear brand, aptly named “Trenches”.

And you can see it in his design for Black Players for Change and MLS’s Juneteenth recognition. It took Judah a while to decide how best to embody Juneteenth and the black experience through form and color. But in the end, she was able to find the connection she needed to pass on herself, her friends, her family, and her ancestry through black, yellow, red, and green.

“Starting this project. I didn’t want to use red, yellow, and green. Like I was so against it as a black African American from Alabama. I have Haitian friends, Nigerian friends, and the red, yellow, green, the colors of their flags, those colors have such deep meaning They are not colors that I grew up with as an African American or someone that I grew up with. grew up in Alabama. And I’ve seen a lot of corporations use those colors to group black people in that one circle to say we’re all the same. My ancestors probably came from some of those countries. But in terms of is about what I grew up on and my personal experiences, those colors don’t identify me,” Judah said.

“But as I started to go through the project, I started to understand. These colors started to connect in a way for me. Red is related to bloodshed, to my family, to passion. Then you think of green and right now I feel like we are in a period of strong growth. And then yellow is a color of the sun, which means happiness. Together , those colors started to make sense to me. So if you look at the boxes, the main color is black. Black is the color I know if I see something that’s black, that’s connected to me. It’s the color that speaks to me the most. But because I lived in Connecticut, I lived in Brooklyn, I lived in Texas, I lived in Alabama, because I have friends all over the world I started drawing shapes that represented the different people I met Different countries where they come from and they start all to connect.