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Texas A&M freshmen get their jersey numbers

The Texas A&M football team officially begins its fall camp on Wednesday. Exactly one month before the opening match, the players will enter the pitch in the afternoon.

The Aggies just signed the highest-ranked recruiting class of all time and most of those newcomers will debut in the Maroon and White on Wednesday. There were 11 players who signed up in January and attended Spring Ball, but the other 18 have been on campus all summer and are ready for their first practice.

Texas A&M usually updates the new roster just as the first practice kicks off, though it took a few extra days in the spring, but we have most jersey numbers for newcomers. We’re missing a few, but we’ll add them as we confirm them.

Here’s a look at the team’s real freshman numbers for the 2022 season.

CC Deyon Bouie – 3
WR Noah Thomas – 9
WR Chris Marshall – ten
S Jacoby Mathews – 14
AND Donovan Green – 18
RB Le’Veon Moss – 22
K Ethan Moczulski – 22
KG Martrell Harris – 40
LO Marc Nabou – 54
LO Hunter Erb – 55
TO PJ Williams – 59
LO Kam Dewberry – 75
AND Theodor Melin Ohrstrom – 86
DT Walter Nolen – To be determined
OF Lebbeus Overton – To be determined
OF Shemar Stewart – To be determined
OF Malick Sylla – To be determined
OF Enai White – To be determined

WR Evan Stewart – 1
S Brice Anderson – 1
CC Denver Harris – 2
OF Anthony Lucas – 8
CC Bobby Taylor – 9
QC Conner Weigman – 15
AND Jacques Johnson – 19
CC Marquis Groves-Killebrew – 19
KG Ich Harris – 25
S Jarred Kerr – 33
DL Gabriel Brownlow-Dindy – 99