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Where to Find NOLA’s Best Culinary Creations on the Jersey Shore | Local News

One item you’ll find on nearly every menu in New Orleans is the very famous po boy. Basically a NOLA version of a sub, most Southern versions are served “dressed” – that is, topped with lettuce, tomatoes and mayo with pickles and optional hot sauce – on a Leidenheimer roll, which is a crispy but airy brand of French bread that you basically won’t find here at any restaurant – but if you do, please let me know where!

You’ll find every variety of protein available as potential stars of the show on any po boy, from gravy-slathered roast beef to sausage, fried alligator and everything in between.

But perhaps the most beloved of all po boys offers fried seafood. The best places to grab them in New Orleans are at one of the city’s many po boy stores, such as Johnny’s Po Boys, Domilise’s, Mahoney’s, or Verti Mart, the latter of which is open 24 hours and produces po boy with prawns which maybe the best thing I ate on the whole trip.

Mudhen Brewing Company in Wildwood offers fried shrimp or po boy fried oyster varieties, each served with coleslaw, shredded lettuce, roasted tomatoes, grated red onions, tartare, cocktail and cream cajun served on ciabatta bread.

No, it’s not exactly like the ones you’ll find in New Orleans (I’ve never seen coleslaw or roasted tomatoes on a po boy there, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t). is not delicious).

Mudhen Brewing Company is located at 127 W. Rio Grande Ave. in Wildwood. Go to