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Where to Find NOLA’s Best Culinary Creations on the Jersey Shore | To eat

Mudhen Brewing Company in Wildwood offers fried shrimp or po boy fried oyster varieties, each served with coleslaw, shredded lettuce, roasted tomatoes, grated red onions, tartare, cocktail and cream cajun served on ciabatta bread.

No, it’s not exactly like the ones you’ll find in New Orleans (I’ve never seen coleslaw or roasted tomatoes on a po boy there, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t). is not delicious).

Mudhen Brewing Company is located at 127 W. Rio Grande Ave. in Wildwood. Go to

Sno-Balls at Pelican’s Snoballs at LBI

They’re mostly a seasonal dessert, so on this last trip to New Orleans, my standard sno-ball stores like Hansen’s Sno-Bliz, where the original sno-ball was created, weren’t open yet for the season. But I’ve enjoyed them on many trips in the past, and crave them every year as the weather warms.

For those who may not have had the pleasure of enjoying an authentic sno-ball, it’s basically a lifted version of a snow cone, but using crushed ice instead of the coarser style that you find in a snow cone. And best of all, sno-balls come with a variety of toppings, including sweetened condensed milk, which takes it to another level.

In South Jersey, finding legit snowballs was a literal impossibility for many years, but recently Pelican’s Snoballs opened a shop in Surf City on Long Beach Island, introducing this wonderful dessert to the coastal masses. from New Jersey. Their list of flavors – and flavor combinations – is incredible, with over 100 in total, including standards like Sweet Cherry and Blue Raspberry and very rare options like Dill Pickle and Fruity Pebbles. Each is incredibly light and fluffy and makes a perfect warm weather treat.