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LeBron James shakes Lakers pre-game Pittsburgh jersey

Even though they didn’t play Wednesday night, the Pittsburgh Penguins gained media attention ahead of a National League game. NBA Lakers superstar LeBron James wore a Penguins jersey as the main part of his pre-game look. As usual, the King James adjustment was on fire, and the Lakers capture looking for their Twitter account before their game against the Mavericks.

But… James is playing for Los Angeles. Why doesn’t he wear an LA Kings jersey instead?

This answer is simple. He recently became part owner of the Penguins when Fenway Sports Group bought the franchise. James is said to own around 2% of Fenway Sports Group, having partnered with the company in 2011.

Needless to say, he’s proud of his investment. There aren’t many times that James wears a jersey in addition to his own. In fact, it looks like it might in fact to be his jersey. In the photo released by the Lakers, jersey number six is ​​visible on one sleeve, the same number James is wearing on the Lakers.

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Typically before games, it sports a comfortable, monochrome look with occasional pops of bright color.

Although a little less comfortable, James has mostly retained his pre-game aesthetic with the touches of bright yellow in his jersey. Although he is across the country, James will rely on the Penguins; not only as a fan of the team, but as an investor.

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